El Paso County Mixed Beverage Sales Tax

The following visualization represents the mixed beverage tax data reported by El Paso County taxpayers (bars/restaurants) under Chapter 183 of the Texas Tax Code.

Using the form below, enter a Mixed Beverage Sales Tax (MBST) Greater Than threshold (not required), zip code (not required), and then select a month. Update will render your chart.
On initial load, the most recent month of data with MBST Greater Than $1000 will be used as options and shown in the chart. Hover over a bar to view establishment name, and other details.
As of Jan. 1, 2014, a mixed beverage sales tax is imposed on each mixed beverage (distilled spirits, beer, ale and wine) sold, prepared or served by a mixed beverage permittee in Texas.
Data is made available via the Texas Comptroller.

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